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I am velvet_pirate and this is my icon community ^_^

There are a few basic rules here, which i'll set out for you now =

1 - Any member can post icons here, but please DO NOT use foul language in your entries. It's not nice and it aint clever.

2 - Please state what your icons contain (ie - Lord of the Rings related) and if there are more than 5 icons in your post please put them under a cut.

3 - Be nice to other members!!! I won't accept bullying or trashing of icons. Helpful criticism is fine, but anything other than that it's not allowed.

4 - It's up to the poster of an entry whether you can hot link or not, and whether you can share. Not up to me.

5 - Have fun!!!

Ivite your friends too ^_~

See you around!

Cheers xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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